Gym Etiquette 101

By Aces Labs

Gym Etiquette 101

This week I would like to look at the small things that others do that drive us mad. Many occasions I have found myself leaving the gym or moving to another section due to the actions of some moron at gym. This is your guide to etiquette in the gym. Come on guys its quite simple. And yes I'm talking to guys particularly!

1. Throwing your weights. Seriously this has to be the most basic yet massive pet peeve of everyone training around you. Don't barbell press the 55's if you cant put them down softly afterwards. No one cares about how hard you can drop them afterwards. It is far from a show of strength and masculinity, you look like an idiot. If you are really struggling then get someone to spot you or go lighter. Just don't do it.

2. Hogging the weights. There is no better feeling then looking for the weights you need and realizing someone has the whole rack of dumbells for their massive giant super drop set they are doing. You politely ask how many sets they have left, and they always say they doing super sets so they have about 9 sets left. Don't steal all the weights. Sharing is caring. Even at gym. 

3. Talking on your phone. If you are going to talk on your phone while occupying the smith machine then let someone else jump in. It is bad manners to sit on the machine while chatting on your phone.  

4. Selfies. Ooooh this is my worst. I generally don't like selfies any time but on the floor at gym, just don't do it. Put the phone away you can pose at home in the mirror. We don't need to see you lifting your shirt to get a perfect shot of your abs under the wonderful lighting. If you are a serious pro bodybuilder and look like Arnold, we will forgive it. Any other occasion and just don't do it.

5. String vests. Once again there is a time and place. If you are Dexter Jackson then rock that string vest with your whole chest revealed. But if you are more of a Napoleon Dynamite maybe the string vest isn't for you. Let's leave the string vests to the few guys that really rock it with their tans and the rest of us find alternate clothing. I for one will look terrible in a string vest so I don't do it. 

6. This isn't a singles bar. Yes we all like to chat and make friends. And granted their will be many attractive ladies or men walking around. But lets not try pick everyone up in between sets. Save it for later. Chances are that person just wants to train and get away from it all. Again, I am talking to you guys! You are the predators. Stop chatting up the ladies and train harder, maybe then they will come to you.

This may not be technical gym advice. But it is important none the less. Lets all try behave at gym so that everyone can enjoy themselves.