When Is The Best Time To Train?

By Aces Labs

When Is The Best Time To Train?

So this is another weekly topic up for debate, and there is really no finite answer. It all depends on you and more importantly depends on your schedule and what is possible for you. In my case, I have one hour free after my child goes to crèche and that really is the only hour I get. So it isn’t always a choice we have; however, we will look at it anyway—the pros and cons of training at different times and when it is optimal.

Some people are fast risers and are ready to go straight away. These people do the best training in the mornings very often. In the mornings, our energy, focus and concentration are at the highest. Therefore it makes sense to train in the mornings for some people. I like training in the mornings as it is a positive start to my day and gets me going. However, 5 am may be pushing it and I will more than likely hit a wall at 9 in the morning. Your testosterone is also at its peak early in the morning, which is good for muscle and weight training, as well as muscle growth.
Studies have shown that our lung capacity is better in the late afternoon, and our pain threshold is higher. Therefore we may not have as much energy and focus but can push our bodies that little bit harder. I don’t know who finds time to train in the afternoon, but it does have its positives and its massive advantages.

Nighttime is when our bodies slowly start shutting down, so training anytime around 8-9 pm may not be the best idea. To boost our bodies again with adrenaline may mean that we will confuse our bodies and then struggle to sleep.

So there is no perfect time to train; each person needs to learn and know their bodies and do what works best for them. Ideally, morning training is good for energy and focus and testosterone. Afternoon training is good for pushing your body harder through those pain barriers, as we have a higher pain threshold. Find the times that work for you and that coincide with your schedule. After all, families, work and our partners come first when it comes to managing our time. Well, most of the time!