Best Snacks For Muscle Building

By Aces Labs

Best Snacks For Muscle Building

So it is all perfect when we prep our meals and eat 6 times a day and find time to eat and everything. But it very rarely works out like that. Sometimes the days are just crazy and we can’t get to eat and it doesn’t all go to plan. So we need to find some healthier alternatives for on the go that won’t affect us badly.   

Chicken wraps can be a decent option and can fill us nicely. With the free calories salads provide. Low fat mayonnaise is preferable, with some lovely grilled chicken. A nice trail mix with a blend of almonds, pecans, and some dried fruit, along with some sunflower seeds. A perfect balance of fats and fibers.

Homemade protein balls made with protein powder, peanut butter and oats is a perfect healthy snack for on the go. Biltong is my go to. Yes it can be pricey but you do not need too much. Lean is preferable. Orange or grapefruit is also a lovely form of vitamin C and fiber and gives you a much needed energy lift.

Protein pancakes are excellent to pack and there are many different variations you can look up online that are simple and easy to make. Peanut butter and banana roll ups. Simply spread the peanut butter and add slices of banana in a whole wheat tortilla. Tuna with salsa is a lovely snack again and easy to make, and you can add some chilli for a thermogenic effect.

Apples are a great source of fiber and Vitamin C. Add some cheese for the protein you need. When looking for size I loved having a protein shake and adding raw oats for the extra carbs. Easy for on-the-go. Cottage cheese with fruit. Simple add a mix of fruit to your low fat cottage cheese. Lastly, protein bars, no excuse they are everywhere and there are so many options to suits all needs whether banting or bulking.

Do not be scared to snack. Just make sure you are snacking on the right things and again keep them balanced. Always make sure all meals are balanced.