Effects of Training On Testosterone Levels

By Aces Labs

Effects of Training On Testosterone Levels

So we are commonly told by everyone that doing weight training massively boosts your testosterone levels. Our aim is to look at some of the common beliefs and find out how true they are and what they really mean. Does training boost testosterone levels? To what degree? What type of training? How much does it boost our levels? There are many unanswered questions. So lets try take a deeper look while keeping it simple.

The first truth is that not all exercises will boost natural testosterone enough to have an effect. The exercises that will boost our natural testosterone the most will be compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press. This is due to the fact that We are putting stress on many different muscle fibers at the same time as opposed to something isolated like bicep curls. 

Secondly the type of training will make a difference on the boosting of testosterone levels. Weight and volume will show the best results. We don't want to do 50 reps of 20kgs we want lower reps pushing the heavier weight in compound exercises in order to see a correlation between testosterone levels and muscle gain.

Always remember many factors influence natural testosterone levels. Such as sleep, age, time of the year, stress, health. So the differences we can create in testosterone levels ourselves with weight training will always be very small.

The best recommendation will always be to supplement with a natural testosterone booster before gym. That will help get the most out of your natural levels while training so that your testosterone is optimized. Pitboss from Aces-Labs is a perfect addition to increase natural testosterone effectively and safely helping you feel stronger and increasing stamina. Increase in strength and stamina will increase weight and volume of reps helping you grow muscle mass. Patience is key. Do the work and focus and results will come!