Bulking Tips For Winter

By Aces Labs

Bulking Tips For Winter

Winter is when we cover ourselves up in jackets and hoodies and is well known as the time for bulking. However, we not talking about dirty bulking, eating whatever you want whenever you want. We still dieting and keeping it clean. We want clean bulking through winter so that when summer comes we haven't gained too much fat. So lets look at some basic winter bulking tips to gain some quality mass.

1. Calories

So when bulking, we need to remember it is a fine line between too many calories meaning you gain fat, and not enough calories meaning you don't gain enough muscle. You need to up your calories in a clean manner using foods such as oats, rice, potato and sweet potato. If you eat everything in sight including bad foods you will bulk up with fat. Keep the protein at approximately 2.2g per kg of your own body weight, and the carbohydrates closer to 4.4g per kg. Clean carbohydrates are essential. Make sure you are eating every two and half hours keep pushing the calories regularly.

2. Cardio

Do enough cardio to keep your fitness up and strengthen your heart. Cardio is important no matter what season but regulate the amounts. 2-3 days where you do light cardio for 20-30 minutes is sufficient. 

3. Strength is important

When you gain strength you are most likely gaining muscle. Change up your workouts so that you are pushing yourself to gain muscle strength. Maintaining the same weights for months and the same boring workout plan will show you no results. Shock your body by testing it and pushing it. The more you can grow in strength, the more your muscle fibers are forced to grow in size.  

4. Rest increases reward

Remember, you do not grow in the gym, you grow when you are resting. Give your muscles sufficient rest and recovery time, make sure you get enough sleep and take days off to rest and recover your muscles. 4-5 days weights training per week is good. 

5. Post workout nutrition

This is one of the most important factors in bulking. Making sure you are getting the right amount of calories in at the exact right time. The best and most important time to take in your calories is post workout. You need a serving of whey protein with a fast acting carbohydrate to replenish and grow your muscles. Dextrose, maltodextrin, vitargo, waxy maize starch are all good carbohydrates to use. This is one of the most important rules to stick to, make sure your post workout nutrition is on point.

Bulking time is now! Use some of these tips and gain some solid muscle mass using these tips as guidelines. Then when the sun comes out you will have gained some serious clean muscle mass to show off!