5 Exercises To Gain Strength and Mass

By Aces Labs

5 Exercises To Gain Strength and Mass

So when winter is upon us we go into bulking season. In order to bulk we want to gain strength. So we want to look at the best exercises to gain pure strength and muscle. All exercises are good but certain exercises aid you in growing and developing massive strength.

1. Deadlift

Deadlift is brilliant for building up massive core strength. This is a must for anyone looking to gain size and strength. However, form is massively important and you can easily injure yourself by trying to lift too heavy. Focus on form first and the strength will grow. Up your weights slowly when you are ready to see strength improvements. This builds strength in your entire body from your legs to your back to your core. 

2. Squats

Both front and back squats are great. I personally prefer back squats myself. Again I can not stress enough the importance of good form. I see far too many young athletes looking at the amount of weight they are doing but the form they are using is dangerous. With all these exercises focus first on form and gradually increasing your weight. The numbers will come but that is not important. We are growing strength not weights.

3. Bench press

Some people love it some hate it. Not always the best for your joints and if you have shoulder injuries. But for me I love the purity of bench press. Nothing better for chest and core strength. Squeezing the chest together and controlling the movement is key. Like a broken record I will say it again, focus first on form the weight will come.

4. Pull ups

Very often neglected but a brilliant strength exercise primarily for back and lats but also targeting other muscle groups such as core and arm and shoulders. I myself neglect to do pull ups too often but it is a must do for growing pure muscle strength.

5. Shoulder press

Another brilliant pure strength exercise focusing on building the upper body and shoulders. The chest is also getting worked here as well as the core. Promoting overall muscle and strength gains. Slow movements and contraction is key to build strength.

Focus on different body parts every day isolating them in order to grow in strength. Each day start with these compound movements to gain that strength and muscle. Slowly go up in weight always keeping your form. Remember, this all goes well in conjunction with a clean and tidy diet.