What To Wear and What Not To Wear?

By Aces Labs

What To Wear and What Not To Wear?

So before gym we need to decide what we are wearing to get through our training session. Don't laugh we all know that we care about how we look when training. Why do you think there are so many mirrors at the gym. So some people may wake up and roll out bed, throw an old shirt on and some shorts and they are good to go. While others meticulously colour code their outfits with matching shoes and headphones to get the most out of their training. To each their own. Let us have a look at some training gear and accessories that are important and some that are not as vital.


The first thing always has to be comfort. Make sure you are comfortable to get through your session and that you are not restricted. Comfortable shoes whether they are running shoes or all-stars, whatever your preference, is massively important. I don't think we need to wear Timbalands to gym but again, that is your choice. Some serious gym lovers use the toe shoes. Seeing the shape and weights some of these guys are lifting, I will assume these shoes work well. I wouldn't recommend training in sandals however. Some people like loose fitting clothing and many of the guys like the serious tight fitting. Make sure you are comfortable either way. in case you think it is a good idea, do not train in jeans. Ever.


Accessories such as gloves and weight belts can be extremely helpful. I myself use wrist wraps to support my wrists with heavier lifting, I prefer not using gloves as I do not get the same grip and I feel its a soft way out. Straps can be brilliant when training a body part such as back. Weights belts are extremely important for heavy lifters when it comes to form and back support. Obviously headphones and ipods are very acceptable. I know I can't train without my music as the Katy Perry tunes at the gym do not quite motivate me enough.


All clothing and accessories  can be acceptable and understood and everyone has a right to do and wear what they wish. But just in case you really didn't know, some gear is better outside the gym. Do not wear massive jewellery to the gym. Massive swinging chains and huge dangling earrings are just a simple no. Men with those tight leggings. Unless you can really pull it off and I mean really pull it of, don't do it. There are about 3 guys I have seen that have the right to wear those leggings. Extremely loud headphones. We know you are in the zone but we don't all need to join you. Please gym in clean shoes, I mean who trains in muddy and dirty shoes. Tiny tight fitting string vests when you really do not have the body for them. You just look stupid. I don't know about others but I do not think you need sunglasses at the gym. Bandanas. I am not sure who even owns these anymore but yeah, no. Don't wear makeup to gym. And that goes for some guys too.


Other then that, make sure function and comfort comes first. If you really need to colour code and match everything, go for it. We can all be very judgmental at the gym. The choice is yours, but lets not push it.