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Kingpin (3kg) + 777 BCAA + Slot 500 + Aces Labs T-shirt


Kingpin (3kg) whey protein is a high quality blend of Whey Isolate and concentrate. It supplies a high level of naturally occurring BCAA’s to the muscles. Kingpin whey protein assists in optimizing lean muscle recovery post training and is quickly absorbed into the muscle cells. Kingpin whey protein prevents muscle breakdown and ensures your body stays anabolic post workout.


Slot 500 promotes a healthy and natural increase in testosterone. Increasing testosterone enhances muscle performance and recovery. Slot500 furthermore increases male performance and stamina.


777 is made up of three essential amino acids namely Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These assist in providing energy and helping build and recover lean muscle. BCAA’s enhance endurance by feeding your muscles the essential amino acids needed. It aids in building lean muscle mass and increases protein synthesis.