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High Roller Mass Gainer (4kg) + 2x Slot 500 Tribulus Terrestris & 2x Level-Up Creatine HCL FREE


High Roller Mass Gainer

High Roller is an all-in-one mass gainer, formulated for hard-gainers with a fast metabolism.

  • High in protein and contains protein from 3 sources to allow a multi-staged absorption.
  • Contains high, medium and low glycemic carbohydrates which allows glycogen replenishment.
  • Contains a blend of amino acids including Glutamine and Glycine to aid in muscle repair, recovery and muscle gains.
  • Best consumed post-workout or any other time during the day when calories are required.
  • Perfect Blend of Stage Release Proteins and Good Quality Carbohydrates.
  • An Ideal Ratio of Protein To Carbohydrates To Help with Gaining Lean Muscle.

Slot 500

Slot 500 promotes a healthy and natural increase in testosterone. Increasing testosterone enhances muscle performance and recovery. Slot 500 furthermore increases male performance and stamina.

Level-Up Creatine HCL

Level-Up Creatine HCL increases muscle volumization and promotes muscle fiber growth. It also serves as an excellent energy supply for the muscles. Level-up increases strength, stamina, endurance and enhances lean muscle growth.